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  1. I love love love the bio you wrote. Great jobby job on that-

    Freddie’s wondering if you still have a copy of the design from Vexfest III – we want to put that shit on the myspace page and give proper credit to where proper credit is deserved.

    Give me a shout- I’m on the way there right now with H-Beam to introduce them to Yompton. Or in fact introduce Yompton to them. HA HA! YES!

    Love you- hope little jakey is as beautiful as you.

  2. I am so happy I finally have a computer that allows me to appreciate what an awesome job you have done on this site. Now, all the you need is a job awesome.

    :) Love

  3. All your early mornings, late nights, and hard work paid off. Your website is definitely a piece of artwork, a completed one at that. It truly is amazing and I am so proud of all the time and effort you put in it, even though it meant time away from the family. Jacob and I are excited for you because you can now show the world how talented you really are! Job well done Michael. Much Love!

  4. Hello, I work with your mom and wanted to tell you that aside from the fact that your mom is bragging about your work, I wanted to share with you how beautiful your work really is.

    GREAT Job!! If I had some cash, Id definately purchase a painting.

  5. Sooooo so so highly impressed! It’s AMAZING! Proud you are not just my brother but the MOST TALENTED person I know!
    I love you!

  6. yo ille it all looks sweet. we gotta get together september 9th to watch the steelers get beat down…and i got a bunch of one high cat trax for you to check out as well.


  7. Congratulations! Your website is a piece of artwork in itself. I knew you had talent, I just didn’t know it was to this magnitude. I like the vision you have set forth for yourself. God speed and may this be the door that opens all your dreams!

    PS Why are you wasting your time at Outback? You are greater than that place.

    ILLE, IM SO Glad to see this up and running well, this must have taken a long time to finish, LOTS of layers and Flash…very impressive…and now I can tell people to go to the site instead of showing them your work through myspace and such….Flash and all, what CAN’T you do? HAHAHA…Creative MASTER.
    SHO NUFF..
    Still would LOVE to collab’ on some artwork
    Get at me…
    Glad to see smart design getting it’s due.
    Chris G–”KID”

  9. Out of this world bro! Your work is so creative and razor! Love the textures, color balance, flash! It’s all amazing! When I come down to visit, u gots to give some tips! Peace out! Much LOVE to u and the fam!

  10. Hey I always knew you were going somewhere with you work, so did you, and here you are. Your stuff is amazing!!! When Kevin and I build our home, it will be a few years, but I would love you do one of your enormous pieces, like you used to do in the attic in Y-town(house with the round room!) lol, your work is phenomenal and I would love it to be in my abode definitely, if your not tooo famous by then, I’m sure you just get busier and busier. Your music is dope too, your talent has no limits!! and the family is picture perfect, You look sooo genuinely happy. Congratulations on all you have and continue to accomplish!!

  11. I am thoroughly impressed!! You certainly have an amazing talent. I’m so glad I finally checked out your work, it is unbelievable!! Can’t wait to see more….

  12. hey man all that groundscore dancing was pretty sick. killer moves done by you and the sisters:)
    the ed hardy editing and remix was tight as hell, nicely done. i bet they loved it.
    and all your web designs look so good. we gotta get a logo goin soon so we can put them on our business cards.. i wouldn’t rather have anyone but you design it.
    love you ille!
    see you sooooon
    cass n julia

  13. Mike,

    You really are an awesome web designer. The site you created for BCH Mechanical is beyond words! Your a true artist and never new how much more you have to offer. I am truly impressed and really enjoyed visiting your website.

    Ronald Zigmund
    IT Director
    BCH Mechanical, Inc.

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