7 thoughts on “Site is OFFICIALLY launched!!”

  1. It looks good, there is not alot of material on here but I am sure there will be. With you behind it, this site has alot of potential, good job and good luck….poker anyone??

  2. What up Noam?

    Glad you got a chance to check the site out. You had mentioned that it was lacking content. You need to dig a little deeper it’s there. If you click on any if of the artwork on the work page the artwork enlarges and there is a link to my entire portfolio at the bottom. Click that and presto…. tons of material for your viewing pleasure…. you can also access the same content on the main page if you click on FLASH or even if you click on the Einstein painting. I hate to disappoint and your opinion is important to me….. so check it out again and get back to me.

  3. Dude! Very cool stuff. I didn’t get to look at everything but the photography is very cool! I have so much feedback that I can’t fit it all in here for fear of lack of space or boring all your readers. But…my top 3 for your photos are….Series 1 (#15, Very Alfred Hitchcock); Series 2 (#10, Nice use of long exposure); Series 3 (#13, Cute pets. That’s got Hallmark written all over it).

    By the way, what camera are you using? I need to get a new one. Mine broke.

    Call me or write me for more feed back. In the meantime keep up the great work!

  4. Thank you Patrick!!! I appreciate your comments. It’s nice to hear from you. I glad you like my work….. means a lot to me. Most my pictures were shot on a Canon Digital Rebel XT.. it’s 8mp. I’ve found through experience that the lens is far more important that the camera though. It’s amazing the difference I’ve seen in sharpness/clarity, color accuracy, and contrast since I’ve upgraded my lens. (EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM).
    Feel free to subscribe to by blog by clicking the feeds link on the main page for site updates and new works. Thanks again Patrick.


  5. I got to see it now, everyone disregard my previous comment, there is plenty of material. You got some talent Mike, I love the digital artwork that you got there. I don’t know if it is my computer or not but when I click on motion nothing happens. You did a real good job, I’m sure that there is alot more to come. Peace

  6. Mikey! You are amazing!!! I love what you’ve done. So talented in so many ways. You have such a great eye and artistic view on everything that you do. I love how you incorporated the people that you love in your work. The paintings have so much depth and visual interests to them. Your photographs are truly amazing. I hope that you can do some work for me someday. P.S. you should have won the Outback logo for OSI! You are great and I know all your hard work will pay off one day! I’ll still kick your butt in Poker :) Great job!

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