5 thoughts on “This is unreal!”

  1. i am sure we will be around to see most of that happen. Ihope so!!!

    We already have Kindles, touch screen monitors, and video calling on computer and phones….I cant wait to see the next wave of things.

    Our little Jake is going to be the one of the guys to bring us all those neat inventions

  2. I completely agree… My favorite is the video conferencing with real time language translation. I think your the only person that visits my site. It’s nice to get comments. Thank you!

  3. I got your feed going into my google reader so I am kept up to date with all your posts! It is really convenient. I just realized you need a check box for your comment makers that gives them the opportunity to be notified by email when other comments are posted. Especially, since you are good about responding to comments. I usually check back to see if you left a comment anyway. Is that my husband above that left a comment? He is a weirdo

  4. Chris Crone sent me here…I really enjoyed this ad, rather mind-blowing. I asked a friend that works at Microsoft up in Seattle for comments, probability and ETA…can’t imagine that newspaper like flexible media!
    The Oren Lavie video is one of my favorites, glad to see that on here as well.

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